Credit Union Savings

Saving regularly can be quite hard sometimes, especially when you have other livings expenses to pay.

However, our Credit Union savings account is very flexible and will allow you to save anything from £1 a month or even more if you can afford it. Putting a few savings away regularly can provide you with peace of mind and security.

Your Credit Union savings are safe and can quickly build up quickly. If you could afford to save £5 a week, then by the end of the year you would have saved up £260 which could keep for a rainy day or perhaps you could treat yourself to something special. Though we do not pay interest on your savings we pay you an attractive divided every year.

You can also open a savings account for your children or grandchildren for free.

How do I open a savings account?

In order to open an All Flintshire Credit Union savings account, you must become a member. Membership forms can be obtained from any of our branches or you can complete the form on the membership page. If you are unable to visit us in person or download the form, then please phone 01352 715 555.