On this page we have answered common questions that we get. However, if you have a question that isn’t dealt with here then please feel free to contact us via the website at Contact Credit Union or phone our main office in Holywell on:

01352 715 555
Who can join the Credit Union?

Absolutely anyone can join the Credit Union. See our page on Credit Union Membership.

Do I need proof of identity to become a member?

Yes. You will need to show us a passport, driving licence or other suitable documents to prove your identity. See our Credit Union Membership page.

Will I get interest on my savings?

Yes, where possible, as a dividend each year. However, dividends are not guaranteed as things like the cost of replacing all our main financial systems do have an impact. A new computer system and the Covid-19 Pandemic have reduced our profits, however, a dividend of 0.25% has been paid. 

Are Credit Union staff paid?

Most of our staff are
volunteers. However, we now
have three paid members of
staff who work alongside
New volunteers are welcome
to apply.

Can I pay my loan by direct debit?






No, but you can pay by
standing order.

Do you have a children’s savings account?






Yes, both your children and
grandchildren can open a
savings account.